L.I.F.E. Skills Unlimited

We are change agents that serve youth and families globally. Our team of life skills instructors works to help communities build human potential and Live in Focused Excellence!


To develop creative and strategic programs that enhance life skills, bolster individual talents, and inspire communities to LIVE IN FOCUSED EXCELLENCE. Our holistic approach is intentional about producing men and women of distinction.


The L.S.U. team includes professionals with over 20 years experience in service to youth and young adults. Our staff consists of a diverse pool of advocates, educators, curriculum planners, program managers, trainers, business executives, project managers, team leaders,, gang intervention specialists and volunteers.

Our team has impressive experience in conflict resolution, team building, personal development, individual life management, social skills, rites of passage, entrepreneurial ventures, community leadership, guidance counseling and trade certification.

Partner with L.I.F.E. Skills Unlimited!

Consider partnering with us if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

*Is your community program in need of mentoring models?
*Are you looking for good role models for students?
*Are you in need of a youth workshop facilitator?
*Do you need ideas for your after-school programs?
*Are you seeking creative ways to intervene in young lives?
*Are you seeking life skills courses for your collaborative?
*Are you seeking culturally competent life skills advocates?

Partner with L.I.F.E. Skills Unlimited and have us do what we do best, help our community to Live in Focused Excellence!


We are committed to enriching our clients through commitment and consistency. We specialize in instruction and long term activities in the following areas:

Tier One Services
· Life Skills Instruction & Group Facilitation
· Transformative Mentoring Group Model
· Workforce Development & Job Readiness
· Conflict Resolution & Gang Prevention
· Rite of Passage Planning & Facilitation

Tier Two Services
· Leadership, Communication and Culture Courses
· Nutrition, Sports and Fitness Training
· One-on-One and One-to-One Mentoring
· Career Exploration & Community Partnerships
· Summer Enrichment and After School Programs

Our programs are sensitive to the needs of our diverse client pool. Our programs and staffers are competent and credible messengers of gender-specific/gender-responsive and trauma-informed/trauma-responsive programming. Our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients and community organizations is unwavering.

L.S.U. Transformative Mentoring Program

logo maker logo creatorTransformative Mentoring is an intensive form of mentoring implemented by The Mentoring Center (TMC) in Oakland and later used by several organizations and programs around the country. In 2009 DYRS and a core of community volunteers from L.I.F.E. Skills Unlimited began Transformative Mentoring for committed youth in Washington DC. The goal of Transformative Mentoring is to change the mentality in the youth that gives rise to “destructive behavior.” We are proud to have had over 200 committed youth come through our mentoring program.

L.S.U. Workforce Development Campaign

Our organization works to place candidates at job-sites with our community partners. Consider partnering with our workforce development team to ensure that our young adults have opportunities in career exploration. If you are a business owner and desire to support positive youth development and adult learning opportunities, consider some new positions for L.I.F.E. Skills Unlimited workforce development graduates. Contact us today if you want to support our workforce development campaign!

Mentor/Mentee Highlight: Shea, Derran & Anthony!

LSU Mentor Shea T. & Mentee Derran
Shea has been a L.I.F.E. Skills mentor for close to two years.  He supports LSU's arts education through music enrichment.  Youth in DC have a strong support system through this type of pairing.  Derran and Anthony are part of his team.  L.S.U. salutes these men of distinction.  Save a life, become a mentor!
LSU Mentor Shea T. & Mentee Anthony E.

L.S.U. Academic Tutoring and Learning Center

Our educators focus on SAT Preparation, Computer Literacy and Academic Tutoring. Our state of the art learning lab was designed to provide a friendly arena where youth can safely complete homework, prepare for tests and advancing adult computer literacy overall. Lessons are tailored based on educational assessments and current class requirements.